Welcome to flooring²

To provide excellent service to our customers through the employment of advanced technology, premium products, and premium people.

flooring2 is a new way to think about flooring distribution. Everything we sell is selected specifically for our area of the country and in stock for quick delivery! Our retailers have instant mobile access to inventory levels and product details with just the scan of a QR code . Our goal is to provide a premium level of service never experienced before.

Flooring Squared retailers can check stock, put material on hold, place an order, download or review specification data with the simple scan of a QR code using any mobile device that has internet access (a password is required).

Recommended QR Code Reader Apps

Although flooring2 QR codes should work fine with any QR code reader, we are happy to recommend Scan, Inc.'s readers for iOS and Android. You can download one of them by clicking the appropriate logo below.